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Maiz Tacos

H2R worked to ensure that the design of the branch evoked the essence and ambience of the brand; a cosy and comforting space designed for a restaurant that makes comforting Mexican food.

Taking inspiration from their existing branch in JLT, subtle details such as seating styles, recessed niches, and colour palettes were extracted to create a well-connected space which defines the brand’s identity, as well as the harmonious experience that is produced for customers. From the entrance to the main dining area, the design of the environment shifts from a micro to a macro perspective in terms of the contrast and zest of the atmosphere.

The high ceilings of the space allow for an abundance of natural light and functionality, as well as ornamental features; the overlapping ceiling installations and the various vertical wall elevations are inspired by Mexican hillside houses, and wall recessions inspired by the windows of Mexican “Hacienda” style homes. The décor and wall art are clean and refined.