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With a brief to be as bold and experimental as the American-Italian fusion cuisine that it serves, Falla’s design upcycles design elements from the existing brand, creating a trend-setting space that is lively, ‘insta friendly’ and encapsulates Falla’s core ethos in providing a fusion culinary experience.

A pioneering space that provides a unique experience, the interior reflects the unorthodox ingredients used to prepare the menu, as well as taking inspiration from authentic Khaleeji design. A melting pot of traditions and flavours, Falla mirrors the rich Arabic culture, whilst contrasting with theatrical statements that are designed to innovate and intrigue.

The juxtaposing of textures, materials, and colours boosts vibrancy and turns the space into an eccentric paradise, with calligraphic fusion artwork, intricate patterns and textures, and vibrant energetic colours and lighting all working together to create an unexpected journey for diners.