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DIFC Headquarters

A space that transforms the existing office environment into a welcoming, cosy and efficient space for DIFC employees, H2R focused on cultivating a design that makings the office a place where employees not only work efficiently, but also enjoy their time spent whilst they’ll there.

A place for calm, the concept revolves around a friendly, gentle and neutral aesthetic, with a colour palette that is neutral and warm to promote a sense of serenity. Pops of pastel greens and bold reds accentuate the relaxation and collaborative spaces respectively, strategically highlighting specific areas for more focused use.

Special attention was given to the selection of materials, ensuring effective acoustic performance for a conducive working atmosphere. The workspace boasts a bright and dynamic ambiance, with dedicated workstations strategically placed along the glazing to provide direct access to natural light and breathtaking views of Dubai›s iconic skyline.

Striking the perfect balance between design and functionality, the central breakout and collaboration areas feature movable partitions, providing flexibility for spontaneous meetings and workshops, while the main pantry exudes a fresh and vibrant vibe, encouraging its use not only during lunchtime, but also extending into breakout and collaboration zones too.