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Al Alamein Hotel

Located in Egypt’s northern coast, we recreated the iconic Al Alamein Hotel, housing 190 rooms including luxury chalets, seven suites and two presidential villas.

Throughout its 50-year history, the hotel has been frequently visited by celebrities, artists and bohemians. While keeping the cultural context and heritage intact in our design strategy, we rejuvenated the experience and created a modern boho-chic style.

We aimed to integrate the surrounding seaside environment into the nature of the property as much as possible. Our design theme for the project was a retro refurbishment. To achieve this, we included contemporary interiors, aimed to pay subtle tribute to the glory days of when the resort first opened. Referencing vintage influences of Egyptian music and cinema in order to create a link to the famous and celebrated guests the hotel had formerly hosted.

Using clean lines, layered with textures, we brought a modern mid-century experience and comfort twist to the mesmerizing vistas. We also used a lot of natural white washed timber, light and breezy elements reflecting the coastal region, fabrics and upholstery suitable for the beach environment.

Because the hotel has been open since the 1960’s, we intended to create a revived experience that would retain its loyal guest following and also encourage a new generation of visitors.