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Shaziz is an exciting, bold & energetic restaurant based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It aims to bring together families & friends to enjoy a fun, interactive experience with authentic & delicious shawarmas.

The characteristics of this restaurant were defined by its unique shape & layout. Being elongated & narrow, it gives each customer an interactive walkthrough before they experience the food.

Variety in seating choices such as communal, booths & banquettes along with smart planning, allows customers to enjoy the space whether it be alone, families or groups.

The selection of materials such as metal meshes, ribbed glass, geometric tile patterns, etc, brings about an industrial-inspired factory, poised with colorful pops that invigorates the space with life & energy.

The food preparation of shawarmas & gyros is unique in nature. Therefore it has been purposely exposed & made visible to customers to visually indulge in its creation process. Interactive elements, neon signages, graphics & insta-worthy spots tie in fluently with the experience at Shaziz.