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Rose Poudre

With the original concept evolving from a hair styling bar into a full-service salon, Rose Poudre is a women only salon situated in Abu Dhabi.

We were tasked to design their new refined salon experience at Galleria Mall. The design was developed to redefine conventional female accents to feature industrial styles and robust materiality while maintaining a cozy ‘feel at home’ mood.

The brief was to create an escape for women within the context of the hustle and bustle of a mall into a luxurious oasis for pampering and self-care.

Rose Poudre’s mission to provide services encouraging positivity and confidence through beauty enrichments was complimented with the interior space design, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Elegance, warmth and simplicity were the key words that guided us, creating a neutral tone, that is down to earth and promotes moments of relaxation without overdoing with conventional feminine connotations.