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A French Japanese restaurant located in MATCHA Club, Al Quoz’s newest boutique padel and movement club.

Indulging the interests of its cultural and trendy clientele, the venue blends seamlessly within the context of MATCHA, and has been inspired by the net, the court, and the game of padel, as well as the tranquil serenity of the destination, whilst also being functional as a dining space.

The space of NETTE itself evokes the tranquil ambience of the brand perfectly. A rectangular design with floor to ceiling windows, it has an abundance of natural light that is blended beautifully with hues of terracotta, as well as green, grey and natural beige tones, skilfully kept as minimalist as possible to let the materials and furnishings set the scene.

Stunning marble has been used throughout the entire space but most notably on the coffee bar, the custom-made communal table that holds court in the centre of the interior space, and the outdoor planters in the courtyard, each handcrafted with colours such as Travertino Red with accents of Gaya and Indian green. These details and accents seamlessly tie the overlook look and feel together, offering a depth of intricacy to match all tables, shelves, counter and waiter stations.