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Lazy Cat

A homegrown concept that started as a pop up in Motor city in Kuwait, the brands first bricks and motar venue is dedicated to providing a distinctive dining experiences, embodying the esscene of relaxation, jazz, and serenity, inviting guests the opportunity to relax, unwind and start the day in the right way, amidst a captivating garden atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic attitude, Lazy Cat’s design captures the essence of a lazy brunch and presents an American-inspired, new-age neighborhood bakery that offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional French style.

Promoting a truly sensory encounter that celebrates both the art of baking and dining, the design philosophy embraces the natural beauty of raw materials such as timber, stone, metal, and wood, that reflects it’s industrial influence, whilst also ensuring a contemporary and timeless appeal that avoids rustic or outdated connotations.

With its wooden and metallic structures, Lazy Cat’s interior evokes the comforting ambiance of a backyard gathering, where guests are invited to relax amidst the verdant surroundings. Lush greenery imparts a fresh and grounded experience, décor items including ceramic blue cats, a charming wheelbarrow, and fruit baskets, add the perfect finishing touches, whilst plants are harmoniously incorporated throughout the space.