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House of MAIA

With a focus on cultivating a calm working atmosphere where its employees could feel at home rather than in an office, H2R Design has revealed its latest fitout, the office design of the luxury hospitality, travel, and design brand communications based in Dubai: MAIA.

Minimalistic and modern, the office, which is located in Dubai Media City. Purposefully designed to seamlessly integrate the serenity of the outdoors, a palette of muted and earthly hues—off white, beige, light brown, and terracotta—have been employed to forge a tranquil and inherently natural environment.

Elegant micro topping and travertine marble flooring grace the space, ensuring that the space feels as good as it looks. The walls, subtly coated with a rough textured paint, add an extra layer of dimension—its gritty and substantial nature contributing an element of refined rustic charm.

The implementation of custom-made joineries seamlessly integrates features such as benches, storage, and shelving into singular units for the perfect combination of form and function. An agency that continues to grow, the layout was ingeniously conceived to facilitate easy adaptation, ensuring a fluid canvas that can evolve with the agency›s needs—a testament to the enduring legacy of thoughtful design.