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Ushna Souk Madinat

Cherished Indian restaurant concept Ushna, located in Madinat Jumeirah Dubai were in need of a major refurbishment. H2R DESIGN was called in to enliven the concept’s aesthetics with a design uplift infusing heritage and charm into the F&B establishment.

Our inspiration for this project can be summarized as colonial design meets traditional Indian cuisine blending classical Indian gastronomy and its history with contemporary design. Stemming from the dining experience, the reinvention of the concept reflects passion, warmth and vigour, synonymous with Indian styles.

To uplift the overall experience, we used traditional timbers and paneling influenced by the colonial era, harmonised with the flavours of the Indian culture, through bold colours and patterns. We’ve also taken into consideration the exotic opulence found in Indian interiors such as layers of texture to provide a captivating atmosphere across the restaurant.

Indian art permeating spiritual representation and ancient traditions can be found throughout the spaces and have become part of the architectural structure. Symbolic imagery such as the Mandala and Hamsa were painted onto the walls to decorate creating colourful portals, reflecting Ushna’s energy and passion.

The terrace, which overlooks the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah has wooden furniture that compliments the natural surroundings. Bench seating are available for guests to unwind while enjoying authentic Indian contemporary dishes.


Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE