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Two Café at SYMPHONY

Located along the luxurious Fashion Avenue Extension in The Dubai Mall, Two Café at SYMPHONY’s boutique is an eatery that offers clients a beautiful place to eat and relax. We were tasked to create a sophisticated and timeless dining experience fusing the inspiration of TWO sisters to life and to seamlessly bridge the fashion concept to the café experience.

We created an identity around the No. 2, a relatively abstract, yet unique name which relates to the theme of music. It represents the numbering format given to Symphony’s by different musicians, as well as to the fact that this is the second element to the Symphony brand – creating it’s own offering but still linking to create the full experience.

Two café is meant to reflect and emphasize the haute couture culture. We defined this through design, and a harmonious blend between simplicity and complexity via the usage of distinctive materials, bringing different colours and textured layers together.


Dubai Mall, Dubai