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two at symphony

Two Café is the evolution of SYMPHONY,  the luxury fashion boutique, it’s retail sister. Located along The Dubai Mall’s deluxe Fashion Avenue extension, retailers and diners can flow between both destinations seamlessly.

Although inspired by the SYMPHONY Brand and colour palette, Two Café maintains its own distinct identity. As guests transition from Symphony, they can still sense the harmony in the airy, light feeling, as well as the celebration of premium craftsmanship.

The subtle differences in textures and flooring create a gentle demarcation of brands.The design of Two Café aims to create a balance and symmetry between the sophistication of detail and colour, and the slightly rougher texture of unrefined materials.

Two Café offers diners a beautiful, modern-day space to eat and relaxin an environment that presents a high quality menu, within a high quality and award-winning space.


2018 – F&B/Hospitality Design Award by IDentity Magazine

2018 – Design of the Year by IDentity Magazine


The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE