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Rotisserie Agogo

Priding itself on using organic, farm fresh produce, Rotisserie Agogo is a new chicken rotisserie concept in the Dubai Mall.

We were inspired by the brand’s inherent ethos of being authentic and organic, so we focused on designing a visual identity that would illustrate just that.

To achieve this, we used a sans serif, modern font that would be causal and welcoming. A line runs across the word, representative of the rotisserie metal bar. The overall logo also gives off an abstract “weather vane” feel that alludes to the concept of  farming and fresh produce.

Wealso added agrunge texture, which helped in giving the identity a rustic touch, linking to the concept of using unrefined ingredients. This was taken further through the use of craft paper in the packaging, and the color palette tied the overall concept together. Using red to represent the fire of the rotisserie and the welcoming ethos offered by the brand, in both it’s products and services.


Dubai Mall, Dubai