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Made by Two

Made by Two is the next piece of the Symphony story, offering a sophisticated yet inviting destination where the art of chocolate truly comes alive.

As the interior design visionaries of both existing Two Café and Symphony concepts, we were tasked with continuing the brand’s evolution with Made by Two, all while allowing the chocolate boutique to embrace its own identity. With a goal to set the benchmark within the region’s chocolate retail market, we seamlessly extracted the DNA of the brand and added a contemporary, creative touch that allowed Made by Two’s art and form to shine through.

Walking into Made by Two creates an immediate connection to the umbrella brand with its signature brass accents and playful terrazzo stone elements. Two counters stand proud facing each other at the entrance, with their intent to welcome guests with the sights and smells of crafted chocolate artistry and floral fragrances.

Continuing the journey, customers are greeted by elegant lounge clusters and plush seating in soft pastel colours, maintaining the feminine essence of Made by Two. One-line art on the walls function as an organic thread to the brand’s identity and script logo, accompanied by tailor-made pedestals to highlight the chocolate pieces and their beauty.


The Dubai Mall, Dubai