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Jarlicious is a café offering delectable desserts in a jar.

Taking inspiration from the existing concept, we created a fresh, delicate and elegant new space for Jarlicious.

The brand identity already had a quite a strong bold pink colour, which we wanted to soften up with pastels and a sophisticated touch.

We used brass as the dominant metal through-out, giving it an up-lift as well as framing the tables. We used jar shaped light fittings over these specific tables and wrapped some artificial vines up to give it a more high- end feel.

The branding already had these round arrayed circles, which we took and used as delicate wall lights with a subtle glow, to represent the identity.

The use of curvature came naturally as jars themselves are quite curvaceous, leading us to implementing it in small design details, any framework was rounded, table edges, counter framing. This also led to the wavy ceiling feature which added depth to the overall space.


Riyadh, KSA