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Designing an elevated and fresh fast food experience, for the launch of the latest edition of Hardees’ international franchise, at The Dubai Mall’s water front promenade.

We were inspired by the concept of creating an up scaled fast food experience. This was because we had to accommodate for the wide and slightly more elevated demographic of the location.

Given that it was situated in the new Fashion Extension of the Dubai Mall, our design had to be suitable to a new range of diners, who tend to be around the area. It needed to have a strong restaurant ethos that encouraged anyone to visit, whilst maintaining the true essence of the Hardee’s brand.

We experimented with materiality and layered textures for this design through the combination of reclaimed wood paneling, metal mesh, brand graphics, and ceramic tiles. Hardee’s restricted color palette challenged us in designing a concept that would be new, exciting and unexpected yet still cohesive in being an established brand ambassador.


Dubai Mall, Dubai