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Cassette Branding

Inspired from a deep-rooted love for art, design, music, food, and the culture that surrounds it, Cassette has an ability to merge different creative worlds and curate its very own café identity Our branding design was based on the café’s inherent concept, joining the arts with modern culture.

A cog was incorporated in the logo as a subtle allusion to the spinning part of cassettes, representative of a major theme of the café which is music. This is present in the café through the in-house vinyl shop and records that are constantly playing, and kept up to date with fresh and unique finds.We used vibrant colours and stylistic imagery, that would be uplifting and relatable to our modern culture’s lifestyle.

A combination of a typewriter and sans serif font was also used, representative of the café’s appreciation for the digital and analogue. ( Seen in the dual use of Spotify playlists,and vinyl record playing)We created a visual identity that was carried through to the stationary collateral, packaging,merchandise and even digital artwork.

Ultimately creating a modern and vibrant aesthetic,representative of our culturally relevant Destination.Inspiring creativity, positivity and connectedness through music, art and food.

Creating memorable moments ….. #ForTheRecordxb


The Courtyard, Dubai