A passionate, hardworking team of creatives based in Dubai, specialising in creating experiences, building brands, and shaping environments.


Cassette is a re-imagined bistro set in The Courtyard, Al Quoz. A rare, yet accessible and creative space away from the skyscrapers. Offering guests an opportunity to enjoy an old town, cobblestone feel.

Inspired from a deep rooted love for art, design, music, food, and the culture that surrounds it, Cassette has an ability to merge different creative worlds and curate its unique identity. The space was designed to be warm and inviting, encouraging guests to explore and physically engage with the space. Whether they come to work, have a coffee, eat or catch up with friends. Cassette offers an immersive experience where guests can let themselves unwind and be inspired by our carefully designed interiors, food selection and playlist creation.

The brand concept merges materiality and colour, embodying an optimistic mood that is further demonstrated though applications spanning from internal and external print, signage and online collateral. Every element- from the menus, business cards, takeaway packaging, and online posting was carefully designed, reflecting our integrated approach.

Welcoming a network of cultures, backgrounds and experiences, Cassette aims to encourage artistic collision and exchange. Creating it’s own and contributing to The Courtyard’s renowned cultural hub.


The Courtyard, Al Quoz 1, Dubai




February 2019