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Candylicious – The Dubai Mall

Designing the evolved versions of Candylicious’ two new stores in the Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 and At The Top Burj Khalifa in The Dubai Mall. Introducing new sophistication and technological advancements, while still paying homage to their flagship stores in Yas Mall and the Dubai Mall.

We studied the concept of playfulness and fun when re-imagining what the two new stores would look like. Considering our target audience for each store, aiming to create an engaging and exciting shopper journey for both children and adults. We wanted to design a space that would be lively and enchanting but still balanced in vibrancy. To do so, we were cautious when weaving in architectural characteristics, functional displays, product ranges and artistic features. Ultimately creating harmonious spaces among the plethora of elements.

Playing with the brand’s vibrant color palette and clean shapes, enabled us to design colorful, strong and elaborate interior spaces that lend themselves to exploration and experimentation. A composition with different volumes, varied interior architecture structures and functional spaces. Shaping a uniquely interesting experience that invites shoppers to engage with the space, bringing out a childlike wonder in everyone.


The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE