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Located just two doors down from its previous location, we designed Brew’s new spacious home. Taking inspiration from its inherent location and proximity to the beach, were created a fresh and homey space through the use of natural tones, pops of colour, and careful selection of materials and textures. We also added a subtle link to brew’s previous cozy wooden feel, by introducing a cork floor feature that interconnects with the new grey wooden planks. Ultimately creating a symbolic bridge between the old and new.

The café now accommodates dine in and on-the-go guests, whether they physically pick up their orders or drive through the pick-up window. The introduction of ample space seating now offers guests an opportunity to enjoy their favourite choice of coffee, tasty bites or a relaxed place to work.

The result brought the café to life, setting it up for future success in its new simple, elegant, light-filled space.


Jumeirah Road, Umm suqeim 2, Dubai




May 2018