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The Asma experience is a journey through a conceptual, traditional home, with the kitchen at its heart.

The overarching focus of the restaurant are the notions of tradition, generosity and passion, translated physically in terms of flow, circulation and materiality.

The journey through begins with a fresh & light open terrace area, moving through to a more internal feeling casual dining space. The heart and soul of the traditional home, the kitchen, is at the center of the space, this is the hub of activity with counter height dining and an integrated feature pizza oven.

The materiality throughout is tactile, textured and balanced. We have retained a light, open feel throughout, while still framing each experience through layers of screening and structure. Amongst other things, the textural terra-cotta and shipped concrete cladding work harmoniously with the clean honed marble to the walls and the light grey concrete floor covering, creating a sense of rustic homeliness, while retaining a refined and elegant feel.

Within this environment, Asma serves welcoming, traditional cuisine with a modern/singular twist, creating a very distinctive and especially cohesive identity.


The Dubai Mall, Dubai