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Media Hospitality Inside a seaside cafe in Dubai created by H2R Design
Brew-Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Designed by H2R Design, a London and Dubai-based practice founded by Iraqi brothers Husain and Hasan Room, Dubai’s new coffee house, Brew, features a natural and relaxed atmosphere inspired by its close proximity to the city’s coastline and beach.

Aiming to achieve a design that drew in passersby, the designers created an intimate and comfortable space using natural tones, pops of colour and a careful selection of materials and textures. Additionally, natural light washes across the textured painted walls and wooden furniture due to the large store front-like windows of the cafe.

The space allotted to the project was 95 square metres, which challenged H2R Design to resolve the requirement of a full kitchen and two washrooms. Thus, they opted for a “method of linearity design”, consisting of a line that follows through the floors, tables, counter and walls, strategically placed to offset the symmetry while keeping the perspective balanced.

Throughout Brew, the decor reflects the natural and casual theme and features light surfaces, while a range of materials like tile, paint, wood and concrete converge to offer varying visual experiences. For example the flooring is a mixture of wood and cork, which evokes an impression of a rug. Also, across the wall are numerous wooden shelves, which help display coffee bags and house products.

“One significant use of material is the cork on floor. The best thing about this material is how soft and yielding it feels. It is something completely different and it is a good insulator which reduces noise from being transmitted throughout the cafe,” said Husain.

Other design features include the wall logo, which is covered in glossy undulated handmade tiles sourced from Spain, the ribbed wooden kitchen door and the ceiling lights above the counter table that have spiral pendants.

“Brew has been a very personal and soulful project for us. We had the opportunity to make all the decisions from the minute to large scale changes which impassioned us to create a remarkable space that we’re very proud of,” added Hasan.

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