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Media Hospitality HOB Outlet, Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi

HOB is the new and unique luxury shopping destination in Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi. H2R Design was given the directive to create an exclusive retail space that would feature a collection of international and homegrown, high-end brands, while simultaneously accentuating an inclusive Emirati experience. The client’s vision for the design was to exude magnificence, refinement and grandiosity.

H2R translated this with bold and beautiful architectural details, and a regal colour palette. Different depths and dimensions were created on the upper levels with brass mesh perfume displays embedded with tubelights in the back, and on the lower level cladding with sandwich emerald fabric placed between the glass panels with uplighters on the floor.

The drop ceiling structure was composed of custom GRP panels with carefully hidden LED sources that uplighted each individual panel, creating a beautiful diffused glow on the entire ceiling. The counters, in dark oak with a ribbed metal panel, created a canvas to highlight leather goods.

Various marble elements dot the interiors throughout, including the nero portoro marble (a black marble with varying degrees of gold veining) as well as white Carrara marble (a luxury Italian marble featuring shades of white and gray).

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