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H2R Design gives modern feel yet timeless design to the Third Avenue Boutique!

H2R Design adds contemporary dining concept Third Avenue Boutique to their prestigious portfolio of projects

H2R DESIGN, was commissioned to design Third Avenue Boutique, a quintessentially stylish fine dining restaurant situated in The Dubai Mall’s luxurious Fashion Avenue extension. The award-winning design studio was tasked to design a contemporary hotspot offering fashionable gourmet and showcasing exquisite handmade chocolates, and the brand’s own range of perfumes. In addition to the Third Avenue Boutique’s spacious interiors, the design also had to incorporate the venue’s distinct feature, the mall’s largest terrace overlooking the world-famous Burj Khalifa and fountain views.

The design aesthetic of Third Avenue Boutique is wholly contemporary from the shopfront glass façade with large scale gradient, respectfully classic to its metal arches, to the layered ceiling panelling.

Marbled flooring, with the most extravagant natural stones cover the ground as a luxurious and cultural symbol of architectural refinement. Carrara White and Armani Grey stones were used to display refined taste. Alternate marbled coloured patterns where placed angled to space to create depth, and a dynamic feel and movement.

The team incorporated a Piet Mondrian inspired wall of vertical and horizontal line compositions to strengthen asymmetries. Characterised by a rigid geometry of squares and rectangles, that are striking in their simplicity, the rich Mondrian style black ribbed wood paneling was designed to pronounce the complexity and character of the space while the gold accent strips create definition. The walls further reinforce the modern design while the colour warms the interiors and fills it with shadows and absorbs from the bright exterior spaces.

The design also features a brass metal cornice. It was purposefully used by the team as brass metal adds a touch of elegance and industrial style but with a very eclectic appeal. Given that floor is a U-shape layout with two plots merged together, having a bold and strong element like brass metal travelling across the whole restaurant connected both spaces.

Another unique feature includes the floor-to-ceiling digital light boxes on the restaurant’s walls. The light box displays have graphics that change periodically to showcase themes that match the menu. These themes set the moods of the space while also inspiring seasonal menu appetites.

The bar display counter features emerald ribbed panels and painted tempered fluted glass cladding to provide a textured appearance creating interest and visual balance. Although working with the fluted and ribbed glass was difficult when shaping consistency, H2R Design were able to mould it into the desired form.

The overall furnishing style at Third Avenue Boutique is contemporary; however, classic shapes and textures were used to further support the lush atmosphere. The chairs in particular with their velour fabrics, deep colours, and idyllic curvature represent the modern feel yet capturing timeless design.


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