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Media F&B H2R Design completes restaurant concept honouring a Middle Eastern mother in Dubai

Honouring the traditional kitchens of the Middle East with a modern and contemporary twist, Design studio H2R Design has completed a new concept at The Dubai Mall that embodies classic regional home cooking and hospitality.

Inspired by the mother of three Emirati siblings who wanted share their mother’s food with the world, Asma serves Middle Eastern dishes in a space meant to depict a traditional home, with the kitchen at the heart of the project. For the design, the studio infused minut details throughout the space, including copper detailing, linking the space to a conventional home kitchen with Arabic coffee pots, pans and large serving plates visible. Terracotta tiles decorate the concrete floors that act as a tribute to old-style Middle Eastern kitchens while the wooden profile strips on the walls tie the space together.

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