Third Avenue Boutique, a new fine dining restaurant from Mohamed Hilal Group, has opened in the luxurious Fashion Avenue extension at The Dubai Mall in the UAE.

H2R Design was appointed to create interiors for the 436 sq m (4,693 sq ft) venue. It was briefed to create a contemporary gourmet hotspot that would also showcase handmade chocolates and a range of perfumes. The space incorporates the mall’s largest terrace, which overlooks the Burj Khalifa.

A shopfront glass facade welcomes diners to the restaurant. Marble flooring uses extravagant natural stones to create angled patterns to create a sense of depth and dynamism.

Wall installations formed of horizontal and vertical lines, inspired by artist Piet Mondrian, feature ribbed wood panels defined by gold accent strips.

Brass cornices have been fitted to create a sense of elegance, while floor-to-ceiling digital light boxes are used to add a sense of mood. These change periodically to match themes on the menu.

The bar features emerald-ribbed panels and painted, tempered and fluted glass cladding.

“Our aim was to redefine the functional F&B experience and to add lustre, elegance, and allure to the space. We turned the requirement of retail essentials and the infiltration of product displays into design features complementing the dining journey,” said H2R Design co-founder Husain Roomi. “We also created a holistic impression that empathises with the needs of diners while also elevating their experience with the interiors. While this project was full of surprises and design challenges, it also was a passion project and we are very proud of the result.”