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Media Hospitality Alamein Hotel, Egypt

Nestled along Egypt’s Northern Coast, the famed Alamein Hotel is a seaside paradise on the Mediterranean offering chalets, villas and presidential suites that evoke a nostalgic vibe from the sixties. Emaar Hospitality has blueprinted the interiors to reflect and balance vintage hues with contemporary styling which has attracted a plethora of celebrities and artists to this enchanted hotel.

Guests are welcomed by the prominent architectural features of the lobby where the central double volume lobby colonnade and atrium, create expansive views. This feature opens the lobby out to the stunning views of the sea and brings the surrounding natural beauty inside.

The hotel is widely spaced with décor and furniture sporting light undertones, primarily splashes of natural white, soft blues and light grey. Keeping in line with the natural tone theme, the rooms are also equally embraced with a similar ambience. Elegant metal elements have also been featured through lighting and fixtures to accentuate the tranquil hotel setting.

By keeping a minimalist approach, special features have been infused in the suites and villas to seamlessly blend natural elements within the interiors to create a homely touch.

Designed by H2R Design, local contractors, manufacturers and suppliers were teamed to promote sustainability and reduce the carbon footprints at this eco-friendly hotel.

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